Valbea, the Maw of the Seas: Goddess of the Deep Seas, Waves, Tsunamis, the Destructive Nature of Water

Symbol: A black circle with a ring of shark’s teeth pointing inwards.
Ethos: Chaotic evil.
Sacred Places: The high seas, the deep seas, sunken ships, watery graves, points in the ocean from which no land is visible.
Worshippers: Sailors, coastal dwellers, weresharks, evil druids, island dwellers, sentient sea creatures, those who plot against man’s maritime ventures.
Favored Weapon: Net.
Favored Colors: Black, dark blue, dark sea green.

Valbea is only ever seen as a gargantuan head, one with the ocean, with a gaping mouth that forms a hellish watery vortex. She has dark, hate-filled eyes and multiple rows of jagged teeth that disappear into the ocean depths. Her hair appears long, stringy, and tangled amongst bits of flotsam. Her domain is the wild and dangerous high seas, far from the civilized coasts of land dwellers. Ship captains make regular offerings to the bloodthirsty maw of the seas when crossing her waters and coast dwellers do the same to keep the fearful goddess far from their shores.
Valbea came into existence in the final period of the Great Enslavement, having formed from the spilt ichor of Ea as that Old God thrashed about in its death throes. She has no consorts, but tidal waves, tsunamis, and all storms originating from the sea are said to be her children.

Valbea maintains that mankind has no place in the oceans and does everything in her power to frustrate their efforts to traverse it. The goddess’s primary goals are to eradicate man’s maritime presence, to free shores and islands of human settlements, and eventually to obliterate all civilization by covering the world with her crashing waves. She is ruthless, always favoring the strong amongst her followers and encouraging the elimination of the weak, and perverse, delighting in granting ships safe passage until they are within view of their destination before unexpectedly dragging them down to a watery grave. The goddess rewards underhandedness and has no use for honor, teaching her followers that the best attack is unexpected and devastating.

Clergy and Temples
Human clerics of Valbea are rare and are almost always outcasts and/or psychopaths, seeing that the greatest desire of Valbea would be the eradication of the species. It is more common to find wereshark clerics of Valbea, weresharks being a creation of the goddess herself. The Church of Valbea lacks any formal organization outside of its single temples, which are generally lead by the most powerful cleric present and served by a small number of neophytes.
Temples of Valbea are only present in coastal areas or under the sea itself. Abovewater temples are generally smallish, overlook the sea and preferably have some direct access to it, and architecturally resemble ocean grottoes. All temples house at least one sacred shark kept in pools filled with precious offerings and to which offerings to the goddess are fed. Temples serve as meeting places for the goddess’s few followers, and it is here that sailors and other ocean travelers come to make rich offerings to Valbea before departing.

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