The Hundred Faces of the Gods, Including an Account of the Idols of the Godless

The Thirty

The saviors, guides, guardians, judges, punishers, and tormentors of mankind, having ascended to godhood after the overthrowing of the fearsome Old Gods.
Afar: god of trade, commerce, wealth, luck, skill.
Ahvaz: goddess of magic, the firmament, the stars.
Asser: god of exploration, navigation, sailing, harbors, the conquered sea.
Azi: god of light, enlightenment, innovation, communication, language.
Beled Vas: god of the undead.
Bogda: goddess of disease, famine, old age, weakness.
Dorum: god of knowledge, history, lore, writing.
Goltu: god of death, decay, caves, dark places beneath the earth’s surface; the Eater of the Dead.
Goran: god of war, wrath, slaughter, mayhem.
Grann: god of justice, duty, obedience, fair rule.
Halimba: goddess of song, dance, music, performance, merriment.
Heshar: goddess of truth, balance, order, wisdom, natural law.
Inukit: goddess of snow, ice, winter, jealousy, spite; Protectress of the North.
Kum-dag: god of mountains, stone, strength, bravery, resilience.
Lassu: goddess of the moon, divination, the future, prehistory.
Laza: goddess of agriculture, childbirth, procreation, cultivation, the home.
Liridon: god of strife, fear, slavery, injustice, tyrannical rule.
Mellora: goddess of love, lust, beauty, art, luxury.
Nir: god of chaos, misfortune, tragedy, mischief, accidents, the unforeseeable.
Ohu: goddess of volcanoes, earthquakes, destruction, the wrath of nature.
Patos: god of forests, wild creatures, the hunt.
Qift: god of deception, illusion, lies, treachery, thievery.
Sanna: goddess of sea creatures, fishing, the bounty of the sea, coasts and islands.
Seron: god of the sky, protection, guardians, flying creatures.
Skelleftea: goddess of the moment of death, burial, the soul, the afterlife; the Guide of the Dead.
Uachat: god of wind, storms, madness.
Valbea: goddess of the deep seas, waves, tsunamis, the destructive nature of water.
Vinca: goddess of hedonism, excess, orgies, perversion.
Yunus: god of sacrifice, martyrdom, preservation, protection of the weak.
Ziras: god of the forge, blacksmiths, craftsmen, creation.

Halfling Pantheon

The gods worshipped by the small folk known properly as halflings, loyal companions to mankind since time immemorial.
Ageron: god of agriculture, fields, invention.
Berva: god of warriors, fire, smiths, metalworkers.
The Black Man: god of darkness, night; Spirit of Fear.
Megera: goddess of death, caverns, the earth.
Opilia: goddess of protection, vigilance, light.
Peracrus: god of thieves, travelers, luck.
Silissa: goddess of knowledge, magic, prophecy, weather.
Tarandra: goddess of nature, wild animals; Protectress of the Forest.
Umenus: god of medicine, healing, alchemy.

Lengese Idols

The spirits and idols revered by the godless people of Leng.
En-Characan: personification of fire; spirit of fire, volcanoes, destruction, cataclysm, transformation.
Srep Kopek: god of victory, conquest, strength, warfare, horses.
Tentin: spirit of speed, strategy, cunning, the hunt.
Wa: personification of the Wa River; goddess of fertility, life, rivers, water.

Old Gods

The fearsome tyrants who arrived from beyond the stars to make mankind their thralls. The god-things and their mad worshippers have mercifully been eradicated.
Chton: The Earthrender.
Ea: Lord of the Depths.
Gorgora: The Devourer.
Isiildra: The Subjugator.
Nyx’l: The Looming Darkness.
Yulu: The Watcher.

Old Luxan Pantheon

The deities of the ancient Luxan Empire who, having abruptly gone silent in an apparent abandonment of their worshippers, signaled the fall of that great empire.
Antha: god of the sky, weather, protection; god to whom oaths were sworn.
Ati: goddess of childbirth, mothers, the home, families, marriage; Protectress of Women.
Cautha: personification of the sun; god of light, truth, prophecy, learning.
Cel: god of earth, agriculture, the harvest.
Cvera: goddess of love, beauty, sex, music, art.
Lupu: personification of death.
Naper: goddess of caverns, mountains, walls, fortresses, strength; Protectress of Cities.
Nefts: god of trade, thieves, con men, travel, luck.
Shuthina: goddess of corpses, funerals; Psychopomp.
Span: god of the forest, wild animals, the hunt.
Spura: god of cities, government, rulers; Protector of the State.
Svalthas: goddess of disease, famine, old age, weakness.
Teta: goddess of wisdom, magic, medicine, healing.
Tevarath: god of punishment, justice, revenge; Arbiter of the Gods.
Thamna: goddess of horsemanship, flocks, shepherds, domestic animals.
Thevru: god of war, wrath, chaos.
Thi: personification of the sea; goddess of fishermen, coastal dwellers, sailors, sea creatures.
Tiu: goddess of night, darkness, treachery.
Vers: personification of fire; god of the forge, the hearth, volcanoes.
Zelarvena: goddess of jealousy, envy, poison, murder.

Other Gods

Other deities, spirits, devils, and other beings worshipped across the realms of man.
Lir: god of the ocean, destruction, sea creatures, death at sea, rebirth; Patron of the Lirstadi.
The Monad: god of light, truth, judgment, punishment; Patron and One True God of the New Luxans.

The Hundred Faces of the Gods, Including an Account of the Idols of the Godless

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