The Compendious Book of Kingdoms, Lands, and Peoples

The Known Realms of Men and the Lesser Races

I. The End of the World

The vast landmass visible across the Southern Ocean from Tellum is known as the End of the World. It represents the southernmost limits of the world known to and civilized by men and is considered both inhabitable and inaccessible. Sailors who are skilled and lucky enough to survive the insidious undercurrents, spontaneously appearing whirlpools, and crashing waves off the coasts of the scorched southern continent find no natural harbors (with one exception; see below) and naught but a soaring wall of jagged rock, seemingly unscalable. Beyond this impassable mountain barrier lies a limitless expanse of scorched desert and rocky outcroppings inhabited by dragons, demons, and all manner of bizarre and dangerous beasts. Some faiths preach that the End of the World is in fact the entrance to the fiery pits of the Underworld.
The northernmost tip of this southern landmass, not far from the ports of Karakala and Ourem Tomar, is also its only stretch of coastline which presents a small area of sand-covered coastal lowlands and a safe natural anchorage. The peninsula is known as the Golden Horn, both for the burnished sheen of its sandy hills and for the large amounts of gold which pass through the merchant settlement of Port Yakoub.

Realms: Port Yakoub

II. The Forgotten Islands

The Forgotten Islands is a term of convenience used to group four distant island chains which have little in common except for the fact that they exist outside of conventional trade routes and are scarcely considered by other inhabitants of the realm. The Forgotten Islanders’ history of hostility towards outsiders combined with their paucity of trade goods and hardly appealing locations have continuously discouraged both merchants’ and conquerors’ fleets.

Realms: Grimvik, Gull Island, The Nabtarn Islands, The Sabaran Islands

III. The Great Forest

At the heart of Tellum soars the Great Forest—a dense, primeval forest which covers the entire center of the continent, obstructing travel between north and south, east and west. The Great Forest is as old as the land itself and the majority of its thickly vegetated interior has never been traversed by man.
During the Age of Enslavement, when the Old Gods wrought havoc on Tellum, refugees from the destroyed cities of the elves fled into the darkest recesses of the forest that blanketed the continent even in that remote epoch, and it is generally accepted that elven communities have remained there until this day (although no maps of such settlements exist in the libraries of men). Other lesser races likely share the depths of the forest with the elves, as well as dragons, fey creatures and other forest demons, and ferocious beasts of gigantic proportions long-vanished from the civilized areas of the continent. Even the trees and vegetation of the forest are said to be hostile towards intruders, thus only the very brave or the very foolhardy dare to penetrate its lush and dangerous passages.

Realms: The Khanate of Leng, Veleka

IV. The Northlands

Covered in snow and forged in the blood of the weak, the Northlands are comprised of the continent’s icy northern coast and the desolate islands which are the last, frozen outposts of man before the limitless Utherheim Ocean to the north and the barbaric Tribelands to the east. Summers here are short, winters seem never-ending, and countless dangers lie in wait outside the relative safety of the region’s scattering of human settlements.
Originally home to “giants and bears”, the first men to settle the region were fearless and unyielding, suffering many losses before carving out a swath of civilization in the untamed wastes.

Realms: The Kingdom of Draganovo, The Kingdom of Gulztep, The Warrior Kingdom of Krusk, The Empire of Varangorsk, The White Coast

V. The Sacred Peaks

Realms: The Holy Empire of Basileion, The Kingdom of Kalamon, Mount Psillion, The Principality of Otena, The Serene and Holy Valley of Sak-Chos, The Principality of Szent

VI. The Southern Seas

Realms: Agrel’s Roost, The Blightlands, The Free Marches, The Great Swamp, The League of the Risen, The Free Dwarven Republic of Meg Baran, Melandra, The Order of Georgiofilos, Riverhome, Ruined Ilbani, Scuttlegut Cove, The Thalassocratic Empire of Torselo, The Unseelie Tribelands, Zaradeo

VII. The Tribelands

Realms: Gratsh

VIII. The Western Kingdoms

Realms: The County of Aalst, The Kingdom of Ascanium, The Republic of Bonanium, The Magocratic Republic of Clane, The Kingdom of Corovana, The Republic of Godshoven, The Hellwood, The Kingdom of Karakala, The Dwarven Kingdom of Kuldar Lhaz, The Theocratic Republic of Lirsstad, The New Luxan Empire, The Grand Duchy of Ormorica, The Kingdom of Ourem Tomar, The Kingdom of Serandon, The Kingdom of Zubeida

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The Compendious Book of Kingdoms, Lands, and Peoples

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